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"Gang street wars" Welcome to the world of Gang Street Wars! Gang Street Wars is a tower defense game with Real Time Strategy. Tower defense games are very popular in iPhone applications. Real Time Strategy (RTS) is also popular in console game. We mixed up both two together and made a new type of applications! Gang Street Wars is a side-scrolling tower defense game. Your mission of this game is building up your gang units, sending them to the enemy gang units for fighting, and conquering the enemy's base. Once you produce gang units, they automatically march forward to the enemy units. When your gang units face the enemy's unit on the front line, they stop and start fighting each other until one falls. The one unit who wins the battle can move ahead until he encounters the next enemy unit or reach to enemy's base. Gang unit consumes all its power or keep fighting until he conquers the enemy's base.

投稿者:サイト名 infodd
投稿日時:2009.9.1. 16:31
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タグ: iphone   ipodtouch   games   RTS   towerdefense   defense   violence   blood   mafia   mob  


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