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【九州南西海域工作船事件】 The Japan Coast Guard received the attack.

この国は少し変だ!よーめんのブログ せと弘幸Blog『日本よ何処へ』 新・極右評論 On December 22, 2001.The Japan Coast Guard received the attack from a north korean drug smuggling boat. 00:00 Affair of Unidentified boat(Japan coast guard) 00:04 Environment of chase 01:00 Raising "L FLAG" (It means "Stop the ship") 01:06 Stop instruction 02:17 Raising "SN FLAG" (It means "If you won't stop, we will attack") 02:26 Warning of attack 03:30 Warning shot to sky 03:45 Warning shot to ship 04:50 (The crew taking extinguisher coldly) 05:14 (Extinction by blanket) 05:22 (Dumping of something looks like evidence) 05:32 (Back astern the ship to Extinction) 05:45 Extinction of a fire 05:50 (The spies are shouting "Go away" in Japanese and Korean) 06:53 (Japan coast guard received the attack) 07:24 (Discharge sound of rocket fire) 07:36 (Changing videotape) 07:45 Attack to Japan coast guard from the spies 08:12 Shot in justifiable defense 09:10 (Self destruction) 09:15 IR footage from airplane 09:23 (Self destruction) 09:35 Damage of Japan coast guard 09:56 Japan coast guard

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#1204 ◆Ustream生放送 ◆ニュージーランド国立公園の自然が破壊される可能性


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